Sons Of Confederate Veterans Camp 872 Gastonia, North Carolina

Confederate Heritage Youth Day Saturday May 22, 2020 at 10am Click here for the Flyer

Veterans organizations have existed in this country since the Revolutionary War. Because the veterans realized that their combined efforts can help them serve their needs. These needs usually included caring for the sick an elderly veterans,fostering camaraderie and life-long friendships developed during the war and reminding the public of the sacrifices endured during war. Thirty-one years after the end of the War of 1861-1865, in 1896,Confederate veterans organized the United Confederate Veterans ( U.C.V. ) with these objectives in mind. Camps or local chapters sprung up across the fifteen states that had supplied men to the South.

Gaston Beginnings

The William Gamble Camp 1184 of the U.C.V. was formed in Gaston County August 8th, 1898. Mr. Gamble was the first Gastonite to die at the Hanover Courthouse Battle on May 27, 1862. During the first four decades of the twentieth century, annual U.C.V. conventions were held throughout the South (1929 in Charlotte N.C. where Memorial Stadium now sits)

Realizing that the vast majority of veterans could no longer care for themselves. The Sons of Confederate ( S.C.V. ) was formed. Gaston County's S.C.V. camp the Robert F. Hoke Camp,# 872 was named after the Lincoln County general and it was established on April 9th,1929.

The S.C.V. is the oldest Historical Honor Society in America today. The SCV today has the responsibility of protecting the honor of the Confederate Veterans, ensuring that the Veterans are memorialized through activities such as Confederate Memorial Day ( May 10th in N.C. & S.C.), Lee-Jackson balls,Veterans's Day parades. S.C.V. members are further charged with educating the public about the Veterans by sponsoring literary contest,writing articles in the local newspaper, placing literature in the public libraries,and participating in community festivals.

The oldest Gaston County Camp is the Maj. Charles Q. Petty Camp, No 872 and it was formed on April 9th 1992 ( one hundred and twenty-seven years after the surrender at Appomattox ).

Monthly Meetings

Join us for a great time of fellowship and an informative educational program. Find out ways to defend your Confederate ancestors and Heritage. Guests are always welcome. Membership is not a requirement to attend.

Upcoming Events

  • May 6 7pm Camp Meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
  • May 8 9-12, Onion Pickup, Crescent Structures, 914 Moose St, Gastonia, NC
  • May16 2pm Confederate Memorial Day, Elmwood Cemetery, 700 W 6th St, Charlotte, NC
  • May 22 10am Confederate Heritage Youth Day, 330 Lewis Rd, Gastonia. Workers be there at 8.
  • June 3 7pm, Camp Meeting ,VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia. Elections, Turn in Onion Money
  • July 1 7pm Camp Meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, SCV dues are due
  • Aug 6 7pm Camp Meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
  • Aug 14 NC Division Exec Council, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia . Our camp are hosts.
  • Sept 2 7pm Camp Meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
  • Sept 18 Tentative 1 pm Maj Charles Q Petty Memorial, Bethel Presb Ch, 2445 Hwy 557, Clover
  • Oct 7 7pm Camp Meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
  • Nov 4 7pm Camp meeting, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia
  • Nov 11 Veterans Day
  • Dec2 7pm Camp Christmas Party, VFW, 3250 W Franklin Blvd, Gastonia. Bring non-perishable food items and donations to help those in need in our community.


Membership is available to men that have a blood releative, either direct line or collateral line that was a soldier in the Army or Navy of the Confederate States of America that did not desert or give the oath of allegience before April 9th, 1865. Visit our Membership Page for more information.