Membership and Club Information

Download the SCV Application from the file link at the bottom of the page. Print out the membership application and complete as much as you are able. Please print clearly and with black ink. If you have questions about your Confederate ancestor or need help in verifying your ancestor

After confirming your Confederate ancestor, send the completed application to
Camp Genealogist, PO Box 283, Cherryville, NC 28021 or

At a camp meeting at which you must be present, you will be presented to the camp membership for approval. After your membership application is approved, the final step will be to send your approved application to Headquarters with the necessary dues. Check with the camp adjutant to see how much your dues will be as they are prorated depending the time of the year.

Mechanized Cavalry

We of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) who ride motorcycles have banded together into a special interest group within the organization. Members of the SCV are most welcome and encouraged to join even if they do not have a motorcycle (dismounted cavalry) at the time of submitting the SCV Mechanized Cavalry Membership Application. We currently have one annual national meet, around the second week of June, which rotates to each host state each year. Members living near each other are encouraged to gather on a more frequent basis to attend camp meetings, dedications, re-enactments, and other SCV and UDC events together. Even rides for fun are good to hone the skills and fellowship of the South's new Mechanized Cavalry! We have "Back Patches" that you may wear, if you wish, at appropriate places and times. Had the motorcycle been in existence during the War Between the States our ancestors would certainly have utilized that mode of transportation. We are then the present day mechanized cavalry, Confederate States of America, on-going.There is a one time application fee of $100.00 to cover an attractive back patch. This fee also helps us pay for the expenses of the group and membership activities. There are currently no annual dues or fees. We are a Heritage group. We are not a motorcycle club. We follow a set of standing orders necessary to uphold the ethics and values of our organization.

Click here to get the Mechanized Cavalry Application

The Order of Confederate Rose

Petty Grey Belles

This historical, educational, non-profit organization is made up of state societies. Named in honor of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, also called "Confederate Rose". Rose was a notable spy - Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard credited her with the information that helped him plan the victorious battle at Manassas. She was eventually caught and imprisoned (with her young daughter "Little Rose") in the infamous Capitol prison in Washington, D.C. Upon her release she was sent to the South and then sent by the C.S. govt. to Europe to try to gain aid for the South there. On her return voyage, when trying to reach shore after the blockade runner she was on ran aground her rowboat capsized. Rose Greenhow was drowned. Pulled under by the gold she had sewn in her clothes for the aid of the Confederacy. She died a true Southern martyr and hero.

The Order of Confederate Rose is an independent Southern heritage organization. It is our primary purpose to assist our Southern brothers - the Sons of Confederate Veterans in their projects and activities. The rules are few and that allows us to add many of our own projects to those supporting the S.C.V. The O.C.R. promotes the honorable memory of the Confederate soldiers, Southern symbols, true history, and true Southern heritage. We study, do programs at schools, museums, and festivals. We honor those who served in the War with dedications, memorials, setting flags, and even gravestones. We have given financial support as available to many Southern causes. Several of our members are "Black Roses" the ladies in black, mourning the Confederate dead at memorial services. Some are reenactors, traveling to battlefields and spend time dressing as our ancestors, attending "Teas", living the personas of ladies from the past, and cheering on the boys in gray. The O.C.R. is a family organization where husbands and children as well as ladies are among our ranks.

Who may join the OCR?

You do not need a relative in the SCV, nor an ancestor in the CSA. All you need is a desire to support our Confederate Heritage. We invite members of other genealogical societies to join as well.

The organization is open to all males and females, sixteen years of age and older, regardless of ancestry. Our younger children are Rosebuds and Young Rebels. It is non-racial, non-political, and non-sectarian. The Order of Confederate Rose will not compete with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, or with any other genealogical organization. See the national website at Order of Confederate Rose

What does the OCR do?

Our goal is to aid and further the cause of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and support all endeavors sponsored by the SCV, including but not limited to, the support of ALL Confederate symbols. Each state chapter is free to focus on problems important to its own area and to support efforts of a national scope. The OCR will aid the SCV by providing additional communications, promoting continuing educational efforts and organizing social functions.